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Wurttemberg Stamps

Communal Officials - 1919-1923

Official Wurttemberg stamps for use by the Communal Authorities continued in use by the (People's) Republic of Wurttemberg, after the end of World War I.

These communal or municipal official stamps were issued for use on official correspondence between municipal offices within the (People's)  Republic.

Following the abdication of King Wilhelm II of Wurttemberg after the end of World War I, the "People's State" or Republic of Wurttemberg came into existence.

The definitive official stamps of the kingdom were overprinted "Volkstaat / Wurttemberg" at the top and bottom. They are all shown in the images above (Mi. #134-43, Sc. #O43-52).

In March of 1920, a new set of Pfennig denomination definitive stamps were issued, featuring a stag, as shown above (Mi. #144-49, Sc. #O53-58). These stamps were watermarked circles.

Between 1921 and 1922, non-overprinted definitive stamps of the kingdom were issued in new colors and higher denominations. All but one of them, the 15 Pf. violet denomination, are shown in the image above (Mi. #150-58, Sc. #O18 // O32).

Between January and August of 1923, the same rampant hyperinflation that plagued the Weimar Republic also occurred in Wurttemberg. During this period, all the previous definitive official stamp denominations, some in changed colors, were re-valued with various inflationary values, ranging from Five Marks to Ten Billion Marks. They are all shown in the images above (Mi. #159-83, Sc. #O64-88).

As with the hyperinflation definitives of the Weimar Republic, mint condition examples are common and very inexpensive.  Used condition examples should be authenticated.

Following currency reform in late 1923, the hyperinflation ended. In December 1923, the 25 Pf. orange official stamps shown above (Mi. #184-88, Sc. #O89-93) were re-valued, ranging in denominations from 3 Pf. to 50 Pf.  Used examples of the stamps from this set should be authenticated.

Official stamps for the Communal Authorities were discontinued at the beginning of 1924.

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