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Wurttemberg Stamps

Communal Officials - 1875-1918

Official Wurttemberg stamps for use by the Communal Authorities were first issued in 1875. With the exception of a few stamps issued by Bavaria, for use by railway officials, Wurttemberg is the only German state that issued a regular series of official stamps.

These communal or municipal official stamps were issued for use on official correspondence between municipal offices within the Kingdom.

The six stamps shown above (Mi. #101-06, Sc. #O1-6) were the first of the communal official issues. They were issued between 1875 and 1900, and they were printed on unwatermarked paper.

In 1906, the 1875-1900 issues were overprinted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg, as shown above (Mi. #107-11, Sc. #O7-11).

Between 1906 and 1919, a new series of definitive official stamps was issued. All of these issues were printed on paper with a multiple circles and crosses watermark. The top image above  shows the stamps issued during 1906. The bottom image above shows the additional stamps issued between 1916 and 1919.

The catalog number ranges, for the stamps shown above, are (Mi. #112-18, #119-21, #130-32, Sc. #O12 // O27).

The 25 Pf. re-valued stamp above (Mi. #122, Sc. #O40) was issued in 1916. These were printed on the same watermarked paper as the 1906 issue. Unwatermarked examples do exist, and they are much scarcer than the watermarked ones.

The 2 Pf. re-valued stamp above (Mi. #133, Sc. #O42), utilizing the 2 1/2 Pf. stamp of 1916, was issued in 1919.

The seven commemorative stamps shown above (Mi. #123-29, Sc. #O33-39) were issued in 1916, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Reign of King Wilhelm II of Wurttemberg. These stamps were printed on unwatermarked paper.

The vast majority of used official stamps are "favor canceled". Most of them are obvious, and they are worth about the same price as the "mint hinged" stamps in most of the specialized catalogs.

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