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Vario 3-Ring Binders

by Lighthouse

Vario 3-Ring binders, made by Lighthouse, are among the best quality binders for stamp collecting pages. They are made of plush, padded materials, and come with a matching slipcase, as shown in the image above.

Lighthouse stamp collecting products are among the best in the World. These binders are made of the same strong, padded, leatherette materials, that their prized and expensive postage stamp albums and binders are made of. They come in three-ring and four-ring versions. The "F" model is made for US sized pages and has three O-Rings. The "G" model is the same format, but it comes with three D-Rings. The "F" model with O-Rings is what most stamp collectors use.

The binders are made to hold about 30 double-sided stock pages, or about 50 customized card-stock three-hole-punched stamp album pages. Other 8 1/2 x 11 stamp album pages, such as those sold by White Ace, will also fit nicely in these binders.  The binders will also accommodate the 8 1/2 x 14 European-style stock pages.

If you would like to add some "class" to your stamp collection, try one of these superb binders. These are also available on eBay. Some of the eBay sellers even charge a few dollars less than retail, if you buy them in quantities.

These binders are made to European standards, so that there is quite a bit of space above the pages at the top and below the pages at the bottom.  There are, however, two strong page braces at the front and back that hold the punched pages tightly together, preventing wear on the punched holes at the left side of the pages.  This is great, if you do what I did.  I accidently spilled a cup of coffee over the top of one of my closed album binders once!  It sloshed the top of my album, but the coffee didn't reach the actual three-hole-punched pages inside of the binder.

Here's a LINK to the Vario F binders on the Lighthouse USA site.

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