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US Revenue Stamps

Potato Tax Stamps of 1935

Potato tax US revenue stamps were required by the Potato Act of 1935, an amendment to the Agricultural Adjustment Act that became effective December 1, 1935.

Tax Paid Stamps

Farmers that exceeded their federally established quotas were required to pay potato tax on the excess volume with the tax paid stamps.  The tax amounted to 3/4 C. per pound of potatoes.

The thirteen (tax paid) potato tax US revenue stamps shown above were issued in 1935.  The stamps are inscribed in pounds (of potatoes) at the top and in dollars / cents (tax amount) at the bottom.  The design of these beautiful revenue stamps features a contemporary young woman.

These stamps were available and valid for such a short period of time (about two months) that they were never actually put into use.  However, many stamp collectors and dealers bought mint condition sets of them, and even today, these stamps are quite affordable.

The catalog attributes are as follows:

  • 001 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI1) - Carmine Rose.
  • 002 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI2) - Black Brown.
  • 003 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI3) - Yellow Green.
  • 004 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI4) - Bright Violet.
  • 005 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI5) - Olive Bister.
  • 010 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI6) - Orange Brown.
  • 015 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI7) - Deep Orange.
  • 025 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI8) - Violet Brown.
  • 050 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI9) - Red Orange.
  • 100 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI10) - Blue.
  • 125 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI11) - Rose Lake.
  • 150 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI12) - Green.
  • 200 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI13) - Yellow Brown.

Tax Exempt Stamps

Farmers were to be given federally established excess quota allotments, for which they were provided with tax exempt stamps.

Five (tax exempt) potato tax US revenue stamps were issued in 1935.  Three of them are shown above.  These stamps were only issued in booklets which contained panes of twelve stamps.  The central design of these revenue stamps features the series date and the volume of potatoes.

The 2 Lb. and 50 Lb. stamps exist used, but they are very scarce.  The other stamps are only available in mint condition.

The 25 Lb. stamp in this series only exists as three unbroken booklet panes of twelve, and they are not available in the philatelic marketplace.

The catalog attributes are as follows:

  • 002 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI14) - Black Brown.
  • 005 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI15) - Black Brown
  • 010 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI16) - Black Brown.
  • 025 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI17) - Black Brown.
  • 050 Lb.  (1935 - Sc. #RI18) - Black Brown.

On January 6, 1936, the US Supreme Court declared the Agricultural Adjustment Act unconstitutional, and the act was repealed on February 10, 1936.

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