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Upper Silesia Plebiscite

Issues of 1920-1922

The Upper Silesia plebiscite territory, or French: Commission de Gouvernement Haute Silesie (Commission of Government / Upper Silesia), began issuing postage stamps in 1920.

Seven of the nine new stamps for the plebiscite territory are shown above. The 50 Pf. red brown and 1 Mk. red carmine are not shown in the scan above.

They were printed in Paris and issued on February 20, 1920. The designs feature the denomination in a white oval, with the name of the territory in French surrounding the oval.  Ribbons at the lower left and lower right indicate the names of the territory in German and in Polish. 

Due to the type of printing of these stamps in large sheets consisting of panes separated by gutters, these can be collected in horizontal and vertical gutter pairs and in gutter blocks.  See the Michel Deutschland-Spezial Katalog for details.

The three revalued denominations shown above were issued between March and May of 1920.

The 5 Pf. revaluation comes in five types, the 10 Pf. revaluation comes in four types, and the 50 Pf. revaluation comes in seven types.  These numeral types and all their many varieties are described in the Michel Deutschland-Spezial Katalog.

The 17 new definitive postage stamps for the Upper Silesia plebiscite territory were issued between March and April of 1920.

The new designs depict a dove of peace flying above a Silesian landscape.

These can also be collected as gutter pairs and blocks, and there are many known plate faults that are noted in the Michel Deutschland-Spezial Katalog.

To celebrate the plebiscite held on March 20, 1921, the 10 Pf. through the 1 Mk. denominations of the previous definitive stamp issue were overprinted with "Plebiscite / 20 mars 1921" in various colors.  Examples of two of them are shown in the scan above.

The three revalued postage stamps shown above were issued on March 6, 1922.  The stamp designs themselves were also printed in different colors from those of the same denominations of the 1920 original postage stamps.

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