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Unbelievable amount of stamps!

by Kola Blue
(Troy Michigan)

I still can't believe I have what I have!

Two years ago I stopped at a garage sale, and the guy asked me if I wanted the whole bag of stamps for $5.00? I said no thank you, what am I going to do with them?

As my son and I walked around a bit, he asked me to buy them because the man really looked like he needed the money. So I did. There they sat for 2 years. Last week as I was cleaning I found them and started looking thru the big bag of what I thought was garbage!

The top had just your everyday U.S stamps. BUT the bottom of the bag had small bags of world stamps. I started to look on line and realized that they are from the 19th century! I couldn't believe it! Some are still on the post cards / envelopes.

Well, now I am here and amazed at the amount of history (which I love) and the value of some of them! I have gone to a few auction houses without taking them with me because of the value, and no one seems to hear what I am saying about the amount I have and what I have. I took some photos and showed them. All I can say is that it is their loss not mine!

Now I am on the hunt to find some local person I can trust to oversee this treasure!

Nice to share my story!

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