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Third Reich

Definitive Issues 1941-1944

After nine years of use, the Third Reich finally got rid of the Hindenburg Medallion definitive postage stamps and replaced them with a brand new series.

They began issuing the new series in 1941, which, of course, featured the profile of Adolph Hitler.

The lower denominations, shown in the scan above, were perforated 14 and typographed. The 1 Pf. through the 8 Pf. denomination stamps were issued in 1941. The 10 Pf. and 12 Pf. denomination stamps were issued in 1942, to replace the previously engraved stamps of those denominations.

Some of these stamps exist in multiple shades, especially the 6 Pf. denomination stamp. A variety of the 6 Pf. denomination stamp comes on hard, yellowish paper with yellowish gum. It is not noted in the Scott Catalog, but the Michel Catalog prices this variety at €17,00, as opposed to €0,40 for the normal stamp.

The 1941 denomination stamps from the 10 Pf. through the 24 Pf., were all engraved, and they are shown above.

The higher denomination stamps were printed in a larger format, as shown above. These were all issued in 1941, except for the 42 Pf. with the inscription "GROSSDEUTSCHES REICH", which was issued during 1944. The 42 Pf. exists imperforate, with a value of about $140.00.

The magnificent looking Mark denominations were engraved and printed in large format.

The first issues of these were printed in 1942 and were perforated 12 1/2. The perforated 12 1/2 varieties are shown in the scans above.

The Mark denominations were again issued in 1944, but they were perforated 14. The 3 Mk. and 5 Mk. denominations are much scarcer with the perforated 14 gauge. This is especially true with used examples, and the specialized catalogs stress that all of these must have authentication.

Two un-stapled booklet panes from booklet sheets are shown above.

There were only two booklets of this series, but there are six different pane configurations with varying denominations and advertising labels.

NOTE: Mint stamps and booklet panes of this series tend to curl very badly. You should keep your stamp multiples and panes in mounts and pressed flatly against the album page or stock page. If one is not careful, the curling could cause the stamps to accidentally separate.

Shown above is a packet (parcel) registration card mailed from Luxemburg on April 20, 1943.

Shown above is a cover front mailed in late 1944, during the waning days of the Third Reich, which was returned to the sender. The cover features the transit marking "Weiterlauf durch Kriegsverhältnisse verhindert" which translates to "Delivery prevented by war conditions".

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