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Third Reich

Commemorative Issues 1941

The Third Reich issued the postcard-rate stamp shown above, at the left (Mi. #762, Sc. #B188), on January 12, 1941 for Stamp Day.

The stamp depicts a Postilion, and it was intended for philatelists to use on postcards for obtaining commemorative postmarks.

The stamp shown above, at the right (Mi. #763, Sc. #B189), was issued on January 30, 1941, and it was intended as propaganda for the Rome-Berlin Axis.

The stamp depicts a Roman fasces and a standard with the Nazi emblem at the sides. In the center is a portrait featuring Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler. The inscription at the top translates to "TWO PEOPLES - ONE STRUGGLE".

The four stamps shown above (Mi. #764-67, Sc. #498-01) were issued on March 1, 1941 to publicize the Leipzig Spring Fair.

The designs feature the House of Nations at Leipzig, the Concert Hall at Leipzig, the Leipzig Fair Office, and the Railroad Terminal in Leipzig.

The four stamps shown above (Mi. #768-71, Sc. #502-05) were issued on March 8, 1941 to publicize the Vienna Fair.

The designs feature Allegory of Fashion, Vienna Fair Hall, the Burgtheater in Vienna, and the Monument to Prince Eugene.

The stamp shown above, at the left (Mi. #772, Sc. #B190), was issued on April 11, 1941 to celebrate Adolph Hitler's 52nd Birthday.

The stamp shown above, in the middle (Mi. #780, Sc. #B192), was issued in the Third Reich on July 20, 1941 for the eighth annual running of the Brown Ribbon Horse Race.

The stamp shown above, at the right (Mi. #779, Sc. #B191), was issued on June 20, 1941 to publicize the Blue Ribbon Race in Hamburg on June 29, 1941.

During 1941, six new denominations were added to the 1939 Camaraderie of German Postal Workers set, as shown above (Mi. #773-78, Sc. #B151A / 58A). They are identical to the denominations that they replaced, but the surcharge amounts and the colors have been changed from the original issues.

The 6 Pf. + 9 Pf. postal card shown above is the companion issue to the Camaraderie of German Postal Workers set of 1941. 

The imprinted stamp design is identical to that of the regular stamp.  The picture on the left side of the card shows the
Postal Employees Rally in the Deutschland Hall in Berlin.

The stamp shown above, at the left (Mi. #803, Sc. #B193), was issued September 9, 1941 in honor of the Berlin Races. The stamp depicts the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The Hoppegarten Horse Racetrack, outside Berlin, was built in the 1920's. Until 1945, it was a mecca for Berlin Area horse racing fans. Today, it is used mostly as a venue for concerts.

The two stamps shown above, at the right (Mi. #804-05, Sc. #B198-99), were issued on September 16, 1941 to commemorate the Vienna Fair

The 12 Pf. features a View from the Belvedere Palace, and the 15 Pf. features the Belvedere Gardens in Vienna.

The four stamps shown above (Mi. #806-09, Sc. #B194-97) were issued on September 29, 1941 to celebrate the Annexation of Styria and Carinthia by the Third Reich.

The stamps depict scenes of Marburg, Veldes, Pettau, and Triglav.

The stamp shown above (Mi. #810, Sc. #B200) was issued on November 28, 1941 to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).

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