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Third Reich

Commemorative Issues 1935

For the Third Reich, 1935 was a good year. In January, the inhabitants of the Saar Territory voted overwhelmingly to join the German state. Philatelically, there was a world-class philatelic exhibition, tributes to German railroads and great German musicians, and important Nazi Party events. The German commemorative stamp issues of 1935 follow.

The four stamps shown above (Mi. #565-68, Sc. #448-51) were issued on January 16, 1935, a few days after the end of the Saar Plebiscite, to celebrate the Return of the Saar to Germany. The Saar, an important coal mining region of Western Germany, had been mandated to France by the Treaty of Versailles, following World War I.

The stamps feature an allegorical depiction of "Saar (a child) returning to the arms of Mother Germany".

The set shown above, at the left (Mi. #569-70, Sc. #452-53), was issued on March 15, 1935 to celebrate War Heroes Day. The stamps depict a German soldier of World War I.

The set shown above, at the right (Mi. #571-72, Sc. #454-55), was issued on April 26, 1935 to celebrate the Young Workers' Professional Competitions. They feature a hand, holding up a victory wreath in front of a Swastika.

The nicely engraved set of Third Reich stamps shown above (Mi. #573-75, Sc. #456-58) was issued on June 21, 1935 to celebrate famous German Musicians.

The 6 Pf. pictures Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672), the 12 Pf. pictures Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), and the 25 Pf. pictures Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759).

The set was first placed on sale on June 21, in Leipzig, at the Bach Fair. The stamps were then placed on sale at the OSTROPA Philatelic Exhibition on June 23. After June 24, they were available for sale at all Third Reich post offices.

An inexpensive variety of the 25 Pf. denomination has Bach's birth year as "1585", instead of "1685".  A mint, lightly hinged example only catalogs about 10 Euros.

Another beautifully engraved set of stamps, shown above (Mi. #580-83, Sc. #459-62), was issued on July 10, 1935 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of German Railroads.

The 6 Pf. depicts an early German locomotive, the EAGLE from the Nümberg-Fürth Railway, the 12 Pf. depicts an express locomotive, the 25 Pf. depicts the "Hamburg Flyer" locomotive, and the 40 Pf. depicts a contemporary streamlined locomotive. They were first put on sale at the Third Reich 100 Years of German Railroads Exhibition in Nürnberg.

Even today, the primary mode of travel between European towns is by railroad.

The two stamps shown above (Mi. #584-85, Sc. #463-64) were issued on July 25, 1935 for the Hitler Youth Meeting. They depict a bugler of the Hitler Youth Movement.

The set of stamps, on the left (Mi. #586-87, Sc. #465-66), was issued on August 7, 1935 to publicize Nürnberg Party Day. They depict a large, majestic Nazi eagle over the town of Nürnberg.

The set of stamps, on the right (Mi. #598-99, Sc. #467-468), was issued on November 5, 1935 to commemorate the 12th Anniversary of the Hitler "Beer Hall Putsch" at Munich on November 9, 1923. The stamps depict a Nazi flag-bearer and the "Feldhernhalle" at Munich.

The Feldhernhalle or "Field Marshal's Hall" was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1841, as a memorial to the Bavarian Army.  The center of the monument contains an 1882 sculpture representing the German victory in the Franco-Prussian War and the subsequent Unification of Germany.

The set of ten Third Reich semi-postal stamps shown above (Mi. #588-97, Sc. #B69-78), was issued on October 4, 1935 for "Nothilfe". The surtax amount on the stamps went to charitable organizations.

The theme of these stamps is "German Regional Costumes", and, by denomination, from lowest to highest, they depict women in regional modes of dress for -- East Prussia, Silesia, Rhineland, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Black Forest, Hesse, Upper Bavaria, Friesland, and Franconia.

Shown above is the 1935 postal card issued for "Nothilfe". It is the same design type of the Nothilfe postage stamps and depicts a German girl with flags behind her.

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