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Stamps of Monaco

Issues of 1932-1943

More pictorial and portrait definitive stamps of Monaco, with most of them featuring historical landmarks located on top of the "Rock of Monaco", appeared during this time period.

The historical district of the Principality of Monaco, located on the Rock of Monaco, is known as "Monaco Ville" or "Monaco City".  It is not actually a city but a ward or district of the southern end of the principality, containing the "Old Town", the "Fortress", and the "Royal Palace".

The twenty-one portrait and pictorial definitive stamps of Monaco shown above (Sc. 110-130) were issued between 1932 and 1937.

The images above are organized by design-type and then by ascending denomination.  All of the stamps in the set are shown in the images.

The designs, in the order that they appear above, are as follows:

  • Old Watchtower.  The Old Watchtower was originally one of the towers of a 12th Century Genoese fortification.  Today, it is located within the Grimaldi Fortress / Royal Palace of Monaco.
  • Royal Palace of Monaco.  The Grimaldi Fortress began to evolve into the present-day Royal Palace of Monaco during the 16th Century.
  • Chapel of Sainte. Devote.  The chapel dates back to the 11th Century.  It is dedicated to Saint Devota, the patron saint of Corsica and Monaco, who was martyred during the persecutions of the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian.
  • Prince Louis II.  The stamps feature a facing portrait of the prince in military attire.
  • The Rock of Monaco.  The Rock of Monaco is a 203 ft. tall monolith on the Mediterranean coast of Monaco.  It is the location of the Old Town, along with the Grimaldi Fortress and the Royal Palace of Monaco.
  • Gardens of Monaco.
  • Grimaldi Fortress and Monaco Harbor.  The Grimaldi Fortress, located on top of the Rock of Monaco, dates back to the beginning of the 13th Century. 

The fourteen postage due stamps of Monaco shown above (Sc. #J21-J26) were overprinted and / or re-valued, for use as regular definitive postage stamps (Sc. #131-144), during 1937 and 1938.

These original postage due stamps feature the word "Recouvrements" and the denomination numeral.  These postage due stamps were used to recover charges on due, undelivered, or refused mail that was returned to the sender.

The twenty definitive stamps of Monaco shown above (Sc. 145-158) were issued between 1937 and 1943.

The two designs are as follows:

  • Grimaldi Family Coat of Arms.
  • Prince Louis II.

The 10 Fr. denomination souvenir sheet shown above (Sc. #159) was issued on January 17, 1938 to celebrate the "FĂȘte Nationale" (National Fair or Festival) held on that date.

The stamp design features a portrait of Prince Louis II in military attire.

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