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Stamps of Italy

Airmail Stamps of 1934

During 1934, Airmail stamps of Italy were issued for two first-flight attempts.

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Savoia-Marchetti S-71 Three Motor Monoplane

The four airmail stamps shown above (Sc. #C52-55) were issued on January 18, 1934 to celebrate the First Non-Stop Flight from Rome to Buenos Aires, Argentina beginning January 27, 1934.  The stamps were only valid for use on the Trans-Atlantic flight.

The designs are similar to the contemporary 2 Lire airmail stamps, but these stamps were printed in un-issued colors.  They are overprinted with the likeness of a three motor Savoia-Marchetti monoplane and an inscription, and they are revalued with new denominations.  The inscription reads:  1934 XII / PRIMO VOLO DIRETTO / ROMA - BUENOS AYRES / TRIMOTORE LOMBARDI - MAZZOTTI.

The aircraft used for the flight was a modified Savoia-Marchetti S-71 three motor monoplane, originally designed to be used as a light transport aircraft.  The aircraft had a crew of four, and it could carry up to eight passengers.

The pilots on the flight were Count Franco Mazzotti (1904-1942), a race car driver and aviator, and Francis Lombardi (1897-1983), a military airman and later an aeronautical and automotive designer.  Lombardi was a national hero, having been awarded the Medal of Valor for his service in the Italian Army Air Corps during World War I.

The non-stop flight attempt failed.  The aircraft made it across the Atlantic Ocean, but it was forced to land on a beach near Natal, Brazil, due to mechanical difficulties.

The six airmail stamps of Italy shown above (Sc. #C73-78) were issued on November 5, 1934 to celebrate the 65th Birthday of King Victor Emmanuel III and the First Non-Stop Flight from Rome to Mogadiscio.

Francis Lombardi (mentioned earlier) was also the pilot on this non-stop flight attempt.  This flight was a tremendous success, and it succeeded in establishing very important commercial and military routes to Italy's colonies in East Africa.

Only 75,000 sets of these stamps were printed.

The airmail official stamp shown above (Sc. #CO2) was also issued at the same time as the other Rome - Mogadiscio Non-Stop Flight commemorative airmail stamps.  Only 5,000 of these stamps were printed.  Mint condition examples are very scarce, and used condition examples are very rare.

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