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The logo images on this stamps for sale category page contain direct outgoing links to the Stamp-Collecting-World online store, located on the eBay websiteThe eBay store, containing fixed-price and occasional auction lots, is primarily a venue for selling duplicate stamps from all my collections and accumulations.

During the past sixty years, I have been a stamp collector, a classical philatelist, a stamp dealer, a stamp exhibitor, and a website creator and author.  I enjoy writing about stamps, and one could actually view my website, at this point, as a 965 page exhibit of the Classical and Early Modern Stamps of Europe and North America

However, I will always be a stamp collector at heart.  I still actively collect the 19th and 20th Century stamps of the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Russia.  The stamps are easy to acquire, but the albums cost a small fortune! 

Since the disappearance of neighborhood stamp stores near the end of the last century, I have added to my collections through online purchases of stamp singles and sets, large stamp lots, and stamp collections.  Unfortunately, over the years, these online collecting activities have resulted in a massive amount of (sometimes expensive) duplication.  I actually have so much duplication, that today, I have stock books full of stamps from various countries.  Offering these duplicate stamps for sale and being able to share them with other collectors is the purpose of the eBay Store.

Scanning, packaging, listing preparation, and uploading is a tedious process that takes a very long time.  This effort will be ongoing, as time permits, so check-back periodically to find out if any new material has been listed.

The visitor can also bookmark the eBay Store in their web browser and follow it directly to eBay, without having to interface with the Stamp-Collecting-World website.

As stated elsewhere in this website, Stamp-Collecting-World is not a commercial stamp business.  This website DOES NOT ACTIVELY PURCHASE STAMPS OR COLLECTIONS, FROM WEBSITE VISITORS or FROM OTHER RESOURCES, FOR THE EXPRESSED PURPOSE OF RESALE.

There are guidelines for selling stamps, through other business resources, that website visitors can follow, which are described in the Selling Stamps category of the Collecting Information section of the navigation bar at the upper-left.  It is strongly recommended that website visitors sell their collections through local dealers or auction houses.  In most cases, it is impossible to evaluate the authenticity or condition of a stamp from a scanned image, so sending scans of collection items is not useful in this respect.  Mailing collections, especially internationally, is very expensive and very dangerous.  Such collections could be damaged or lost in the mail, and the overseas shipping costs can be more than the wholesale value of the stamps being shipped. 

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