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The stamp collecting information links in the first link section below and in the column to the right are to other websites that this website has mutual link exchanges with. There are also sections below for visitor submitted geographical links and for postal authorities (under construction).

Many of these affiliated sites offer additional information on collecting, additional philatelic information links, and country specific collecting subjects that I have not yet been able to integrate into this website.

I know, from researching philatelic information for some of the country collecting articles I've written in this website that detailed philatelic information is very difficult to locate on the web. Hopefully, the link section below, in the future, will offer much needed additional information to that already provided in my site for anyone wishing to learn about stamp collecting.

If the visitor has a stamp collecting website or even a retail stamp site and would like a mutual link exchange with, please contact me (on the Contact Form). I will then verify your site, and if it is appropriate, I will add the link for YOUR website to the link section below.

I have also added a new section for Visitor Submitted Links below.  If the visitor has a favorite local link that they feel would help other collectors in their geographic area, feel free to submit them, and I will include them in the new section below.

Stamp Collecting Information
Mutual Links

USA Postage Stamps

List of US postage stamps such as - commemorative, definitive and official stamps, US thematic stamps, miniature sheets, FDC, covers / envelopes, philatelic articles, post marks etc.

S. L. Stamps

1840 - 1995 stock of British, British Commonwealth, Europe and all World stamps, booklets, presentation packs and other philatelic items including a selection of British banknotes and postal orders which we hope that you will find useful. Our aim is to try and offer a varied range of stamps and not just the expensive items.


A superb Facebook stamps for collectors page from Australia. KoalaStamps features all the current stamp collecting information and news, philatelic links, the very popular 'I Love Philately' group, and much more. There is also the KoalaStamps store on bidStart, a stamp auction site based in the US (recently purchased by Stanley Gibbons).

Bare Walls Posters and Prints

Bare Walls Posters and Prints has been offering art prints, wall art, framed art, and home decor since 1996.

Soft PRO

This site features stamp and coin collecting software products for inventorying, imaging, album generation, grading, identification, and perforation measurement.  There is also an additional category with stamps being offered for sale.


An excellent site comprised of forums on stamp collecting, United States stamps, worldwide stamps, and on stamp exchange (buying and selling).  A great venue for those looking for stamp collecting information and for those wishing to communicate with other collectors having similar interests.   (Banner link at upper right)

Cold War Covers

A very interesting UK site focused on the postal history of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) during the period of the Cold War.  The site also features historical notes, ephemera, and even some TV / Radio broadcasts of the period.

Stamp Collecting Information
Visitor Submitted Links

Links for Australian Collectors

The link above is for an Australian business directory site called Startlocal.  This particular URL displays local stamp sellers in Australia, and it can be customized further by entering the visitor's Australian postal code.

The Startlocal URL above displays collecting information and philatelic links.

Stamp Collecting Resources

Home Hobbies:  Stamp Collecting

This is an excellent resource addressing all the basic aspects of stamp collecting, actually contained within a home improvement website.  There are articles and additional outgoing links on just about every conceivable subject having to do with beginning a stamp collection.  Link submitted by the students of After School Care Programs, El Paso County, Colorado.

Stamp Collecting Software and Resources
by Lisa Richards

This is an excellent article by Lisa Richards that appears on the MAPCON software website.  The article presents a historical overview of stamp collecting, and it is followed by numerous outgoing links to stamp collecting resources on the web.  Link suggested by Hudson White.

A United Kingdom site, specializing in the 1935 King George V Silver Jubilee Issues of the British Empire.  This site contains a lot of valuable historical and technical philatelic information not found in stamp catalogs.

Postal Authorities


MaltaPost announced the launch, on Monday 13 February 2012, of their new website which will be completely dedicated to the collecting of Malta stamps.

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