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Stamp Collecting for Kids

Stamp collecting for kids should be an adventure, as well as a superb tool for learning about history, geography, famous people, cultures, and many other things. The many things you will learn through collecting stamps, will give you a huge advantage throughout your school years.

In starting stamp collecting, you just want to have fun. You don't want to spend a lot of money at first, and there are many stamp collecting starter kits and inexpensive albums for beginners available all over the Internet.

You will need some basic tools, such as tongs, some hinges maybe, a magnifying glass, a perforation gauge, a stamp album or stock pages to arrange your stamps in, and an inexpensive catalog or check list for what you are collecting.

Other sections of this website provide detailed information on stamp supplies, albums, catalogs, postmarks, etc. Eventually, there will be sections on specific types of collecting added to this website, as well.

You may have a casual interest in stamps, or maybe you will initially be captivated by the hobby, and it will become a life-long obsession, like it did with myself. Your interests will change throughout your life, but you can always come back to stamp collecting any time. It is a hobby that will provide many years of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Just starting out, I would suggest collecting the stamps of your own country. That way, you would have a geographical and historical perspective about your country, state, county, city, etc. - things and places that you already have some knowledge of. In my case, I started with United States stamps.

And you DON'T HAVE TO collect the complete issues of any country right now. You can collect commemorative stamps that have been issued about subjects, such as famous people, space exploration, animals, flowers, birds, ships, trains, etc. There are a multitude of these subjects. Then you could add stamps from other countries that pertain to the same subjects. This is called thematic or topical collecting, and it is actually one of the most popular modes of collecting in the World today.

In order to sustain interest in stamp collecting for kids you may want to get some of your friends involved in stamp collecting with you, or maybe you could start a stamp club at your school. A hobby is always more fun, if you can find someone to share your love of collecting with.

I have placed links below, which will take you to beginner stamp collecting kits and albums on the eBay auction site. There are many types to suit everyone's interests, and most of them are very inexpensive. Some of the kits, not only include an album, but also the basic supplies, and in many cases, even some stamps!

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