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Country Stamp Catalogs

Individual foreign country stamp catalogs are ideal for anyone that is specializing in a specific country, other than the U.S.

The Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog volumes have major listings for all countries -- you could just buy the volume containing the specific country or countries you collect, however the Scott listings are often inadequate for the needs of someone specializing in another country. The Scott listings do not include, most of the plate varieties, errors, proofs, postmarks, covers, postal stationery, and many other types of listings that a specialist would require.

The Scott stamp catalog arrangement has some limitations for country specialists, as well. Most of the foreign catalogs, list all the stamps -- postage, semi-postal, airmail, etc. -- together, in the years that they were issued. Scott has them broken up into different sections. Most of the best foreign made albums have the issues organized in sequential order, and for a specialist utilizing a Scott catalog for referencing their collection, this can be very confusing. I have all of my Central European collections organized in Michel or Zumstein Catalog sequence, though I do use the Scott catalogs for occasionally selling stamps online and for buying stamps for my collection. It's a matter of personal choice.

There are many different catalog publishers for various countries. The more popular ones are presented in the list below. I'm sure that I may have missed some, and if so, I'm sorry for the omission. Since I collect and (occasionally) sell worldwide stamps, I have managed to accumulate quite a philatelic library, as indicated in the graphic above.

Individual Country Catalog Publishers

Afinsa, Anfil, Domfil, and Edfil Catalogs
. Spain and colonies, and Portugal and colonies.

Bolaffi and Sassone Catalogs (in Italian). Italy and colonies.

Facit Catalogs. Scandinavian countries.

Michel Catalogs (in German). Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, European and various other countries.

Netto Catalog (in German). Austria.

N.V.P.H. Catalog (in Dutch). Netherlands and colonies.

Sakura Catalog. Japan.

South African Catalog. South African countries / states.

Stanley Gibbons Catalogs (in English) - Great Britain and the British Commonwealth.

Unitrade Catalog. Canada.

Walsh (Digital) Specialized Catalogs.  Canada and Newfoundland.  Here's a link to them.

Yang Catalog. China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Yvert Tellier Catalogs (in French). France, French Colonies, and various other countries.

Zumstein Catalog (in German and French). Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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