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My mother is looking for stamp albums to mount her stamps from Germany - 1900 to the present. She likes albums that have the pictures of the stamps on the pages to help to identify them. Do you carry anything like that?

I don’t deal in supplies, as the overhead is tremendous, and the shipping is also very expensive. There are other sites that do, however, and I have tried to furnish outgoing links to places that sell albums and supplies from the website.

Pre-printed albums these days are very expensive. When I first started collecting stamps in the 1960’s, a Scott National Album for US stamps was about $20 .... now it is over $500. Most stamp supplies dealers don’t even carry albums anymore, as there aren’t a lot of people looking to buy them at today’s prices.

Germany is a huge area, as far as stamp collecting albums .... The Scott Specialty Album for Germany would be your best bet, and is the cheapest option around.

A complete Scott stamp collecting album kit for Germany includes pages for all the issues from 1849-2009 ... German States, Germany 1871-1948, and the Federal Republic of Germany 1949-2009.  These album kits do not include pages for the German Democratic Republic (East Germany 1949-1990). Those are in another album set that is sold separately from the “regular” Germany albums.

The European made albums are even worse ... they are fantastic quality, but their manufacturers don’t even sell complete stamp albums. You have to buy the page groups and binders separately. A “complete” lighthouse album for German States, Empire, Weimar Republic, Third Reich, and West Germany would cost you well over $1,000, and that doesn’t include all the binders, which are about $80 each. And, if you want to get the type of pages with the mounts already on them, the same pages would probably be almost twice that much.

I know these prices are scary, but there’s nothing else available, if you want a pre-printed album with a binder for a “complete” country. I hope this is helpful.

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