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Stamp Albums

Stamp albums are a variable number of products traditionally employed by stamp collectors and philatelists, in mounting, displaying, and storing their stamp collections.

Many excellent, high quality, beautiful albums are made today to suit the interests of all types of collectors. Unfortunately, most of them have gotten prohibitively expensive. I KNOW! I just converted three of my modern collections from three-ring binders with custom-made pages to Lighthouse hingeless albums! I was able to pickup a couple lightly used, which helped, but the outlay was still pretty scary overall.

As far as US stamp collecting, when I got my first US album, the Scott National Album, back in 1965, it cost about $15.00.  Today, the same album cost around $600.00.  Sadly to say, also, the 1965 edition was made of much better quality, longer lasting materials than the latest modern edition.

Should you prefer to store your collection in a manufactured album, there are plenty of great choices.

Many collectors and specialists would rather spend the $500 or $1,000 they've saved up for that exquisite stamp they've always wanted on the stamp instead of on the book in which to mount it. One can get carried away .... I've seen this before, where the collections were mainly comprised of expensive books and supplies, however they had very few worthwhile stamps in them.

There are also alternative choices, such as displaying your collection in stock books (less expensive than albums), or on stock pages designed to fit in a loose leaf binder.

With all the software and word processing tools we have at our disposal today, you can also create your own albums. All it takes is a PC, desktop publishing software, a printer, some acid free card-stock paper, and you're on your way. This process will require having a three-hole-punch, as part of your office repertoire.  They are not THAT expensive though.

There are even websites out there that already have custom album pages made-up, which you can download and print.  The APS website also has customized pages available for members.

I shall be addressing all these products and methodologies in separate articles. Please follow the links at top right to each article.

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Stamp Albums

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