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Stamp Album Pages - White Ace

White Ace stamp album pages, a product of the Washington Press, have been a favorite of stamp collectors for many years.

Leo August, a New Jersey philatelist, stamp dealer, and publisher, along with his brother, Samuel, established the Washington Press in 1939. The Washington Press created and sold White Ace album pages for collectors. They also printed and sold high quality envelopes with the Art Craft cachet, to be used as First Day Covers. They were the driving force in expanding the hobby of collecting First Day Covers and were instrumental in the founding of the American First Day Cover Society in 1955.

White Ace album pages are printed on high quality card stock paper and are punched to fit in three-ring binders. White Ace makes deluxe three-ring binders and slip-cases for their pages, but the pages can also be used in any commercial three-ring binder.

The outstanding feature of the pages is their colorful borders and ornate heading designs. On the country album pages, biographical information is printed below each stamp or set of stamps, adding an educational element to the pages.

Note:  White Ace products and pages are mainly geared to collectors of United States, United Nations, and Canadian postage stamps.  These page groups are readily available and are updated annually.  Some of the titles for other countries have either been phased out over time, or supplements are no longer available, primarily due to the lack of sales volume.

White Ace also makes a complete line of colorful blank pages for thematic collections, which have been a favorite of topical collectors for many years.  You still have to add your own text, titles, and the squares to mount your stamps, but hey, the result wouldn't be half as rewarding, if there were not a bit of effort required.

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