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Soviet Zone

Province Saxony - 1945-1946

Magdeburg Cathedral
By: Ina Hinners - From: Wikimedia

The Province Saxony was created within the Soviet zone in 1945 by merging the Merseburg, Magdeburg, and the state of Anhalt to form a single province. The new province had three administrative districts, with those being Magdeburg, Merseburg, and Dessau.

In 1947, this province was renamed to Saxony-Anhalt, and in 1949, it became a state within the new German Democratic Republic.

The first set of new definitive postage stamps for Province Saxony was issued on October 10, 1945 (10 Pf. issued in December). They are all shown in the image above.

These new stamps featured the arms of Province Saxony and they were printed on paper with a zigzag lines watermark. There are two types of the watermark, some of which are very rare.

As was the case in East Saxony, some postmasters had their new stocks of imperforate stamp sheets privately perforated or rouletted, to facilitate their separation at post offices. The private perforation gauge was usually about 11 1/2. This resulted in many varieties of these stamps, most of which are very scarce. Please consult the Michel catalog for detailed listings of them.

Beginning in November 1945, the Soviet zone Province Saxony added new denominations to the arms definitive series and began issuing the stamps with perforation gauge 13 x 12 1/2. All but the 1 Pf. denomination are shown in the images above.

The same watermark varieties exist for these perforated stamps, but, with only one exception, they are all common.

The two stamps shown above were issued on December 17, 1945 to publicize Land Reform in Province Saxony. The stamps depict a farmer using a horse-drawn plow. These stamps were all issued imperforate on unwatermarked paper.

As was the case with the imperforate definitive stamps, some postmasters had sheets of these privately perforated and rouletted, as well.

On February 21, 1946, this Land Reform set was re-issued on thin, transparent paper that was watermarked large letters. The new stamps were perforated 13 x 13 1/2. The Michel Catalog refers to the paper used for these re-issued stamps as cigarette paper!

The stamps shown in the two images above were issued to publicize and raise money for reconstruction. The perforated stamps were issued on January 19, 1946, and the imperforate stamps were issued on February 21, 1946.

The stamp designs feature symbolic motifs of housing construction, bridge construction, and industrial manufacturing.

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