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Schleswig-Holstein Stamps

Schleswig-Holstein comprises the southern part of the Jutland peninsula, where the nation of Denmark is located. The ethnic makeup, in various areas of these territories is both Danish and German. Schleswig and Holstein were two former duchies, long disputed by both Germany and Denmark, and a number of wars have been fought over the territories. The major cities are the port of Kiel and L├╝beck.

Stamp Issues for Holstein

The first stamps for Holstein were issued in 1850, and they are shown above. The stamps were typographed on white paper with silk security threads, and they featured an embossed coat of arms in the middle.

From 1848 to 1851, the First War of Schleswig was fought between Denmark and Prussia, following a rebellion of ethnic Germans that wanted unification with Prussia. The war ended with a Danish victory, and Denmark gained control of the territory. Between 1851 and 1863, Danish postage stamps were used in the territory.

In 1863, the Second War of Schleswig was fought between Denmark and Prussia, This time, the Prussians, with the aid of the Austrian Empire, were victorious, and the territory reverted to Prussian control.

In 1864, postage stamps were again issued for Holstein, as shown above. The stamp at above left has small lettering and comes in two types. The stamp at above right has larger lettering. All of these stamps were lithographed on white paper and were imperforate.

The stamp shown above, at the bottom, was issued a few months after the previous two. Though it has the same denomination, it has a new design. All these stamps were typographed and rouletted 8.

The stamps shown above were issued for the Duchy of Holstein.

The denominations in the top row were issued in November of 1865, and they are all rouletted 8.

The denominations in the bottom row were issued between November 1865 and July 1866, and they are all rouletted 7 to 8. There is also another 2 Sch. denomination that goes with the types shown in the bottom row. It is not shown in the image above.

Stamp Issues for Schleswig

The stamps shown above were issued for the Duchy of Schleswig.

The two denominations in the top row were issued in early 1864, and they are rouletted 11 1/2.

The denominations in the middle and bottom rows were issued in November 1865, except for the 1 1/4 Sch. gray lilac, which was issued in June 1867. The 1865 issues are rouletted 11 1/2, and the 1867 issue is rouletted 10.

Issues for Schleswig and Holstein

The stamps shown above were issued for Schleswig-Holstein.

They were issued between February and September of 1865, and they are all rouletted 11 1/2.

At the beginning of 1868, Schleswig and Holstein joined the North German Confederation, and their stamps were replaced by those of the North German Postal Administration.

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