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San Marino Stamps

Issues of 1905-1924

The very few San Marino stamps issued, between 1905 and 1924, were either provisionally revalued definitive stamps or commemorative stamps.

The two definitive postage San Marino stamps shown above were issued in 1907.  The stamps are engraved on unwatermarked paper, and they are perforated 12.

The design features the Coat-of-Arms of San Marino.

These stamps come in two different types:

  • Type I - Width 18 1/2 mm.
  • Type II - Width 19 mm.

The catalog attributes are as follows:

  • 01 C.  (1907 - Type I - Sc. #78a) - Brown.
  • 01 C.  (1910 - Type II - Sc. #78) - Brown.
  • 15 C.  (1907 - Type I - Sc. #79) - Gray.
  • 15 C.  (1910 - Type II - Sc. #79a) - Gray.

The 30 C. denomination stamp shown above, at the left (Sc. #82), was issued on August 11, 1923 to celebrate the San Marino International Exhibition of 1923

The Latin inscription at the top of the stamp, "Labore et Viriute", means "Labor and Power".  The design features an allegorical representation of St. Marinus working as a stonemason.  The proceeds from the sale of the stamps went to a mutual aid society.

The 50 C. denomination stamp shown above, in the center (Sc. #82), was issued on August 6, 1923 to celebrate the Presentation to San Marino of the Italian flag which had flown over the island of Arbe, the birthplace of St. Marinus, the founder of San Marino.

The design features an Italian flag with views of Arbe and Mt. Titano.

The 1 Lira denomination stamp shown above, at the right (Sc. #83), was issued on September 29, 1923 to commemorate the San Marino Volunteers who were killed or wounded in World War I.

The design features Mt. Titano and a sword.

The five commemorative San Marino stamps shown above (Sc. #84-88) were issued on September 25, 1924 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Garibaldi's taking refuge in San Marino during the First Italian War of Independence

The common design of the three lower denominations features a portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi.  The common design of the two high denominations features an allegory of San Marino Sheltering Garibaldi.

San Marino provided refuge for fighters supporting the unification of the Italian States, under the condition that it WOULD NOT be incorporated into the new Kingdom of Italy, thus insuring their ongoing sovereignty.

The three commemorative charity stamps of 1918 shown above were overprinted and revalued (Sc. #90-92) during 1924 for use as regular definitive postage stamps.

These charity stamps were originally issued on June 1, 1918 to raise money to provide a hospital for Italian soldiers during World War I.

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Issues of 1905-1924


The 20 C. denomination definitive stamp of 1903, shown above, was overprinted 1905 and re-valued (Sc. #77) to 15 C. on September 1, 1905.

The 15 C. denomination definitive stamp of 1907, shown above, was overprinted 1918 and re-valued (Sc. #80) to 20 C. on March 15, 1918.

The 45 C. denomination charity stamp of 1918, shown above, was overprinted and re-valued (Sc. #89) to 30 C. on October 9, 1924.