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Saar Plebiscite Territory

Issues of 1932-1934

On April 20, 1932, the Saar Plebiscite Territory issued two new airmail stamps, a 60 C. denomination and a 5 Fr. denomination, as shown above (Mi. #158-59, Sc. #C3-4).

These new airmail stamps depicted a Focke-Wulf A-17 monoplane flying over Saarbrücken airport, with the Church of St. Arnual shown in the distance.

The Focke-Wulf A-17 was an airliner built in Germany in the late 1920's.  The aircraft provided fully enclosed seating for up to eight passengers and had a separate, fully enclosed flight deck for the two pilots. Most of them flew with Deutsche Lufthansa, serving until around 1936.

The 1932 series of "Volkshilfe" charity stamps, shown above (Mi. #161-67, Sc. #B37-43), were issued on December 20.

These seven designs feature Saargebiet castles and churches, as follows: Ruins at Kirkel, Castle Church at Blies, Ottweiler Castle, Church of St. Michael in Saarbrücken, Statue of St. Wendel, Church of St. John in Saarbrücken, and Illingen Castle in Kerpen.

On June 1, 1933, three new emergency aid stamps, shown above (Mi. #168-70, Sc. #B44-46), were issued to raise money for the victims of the Neunkirchen natural gas explosion and fire. The three stamps, shown above, depict the scene of the Neunkirchen disaster.

According to a newspaper article from February 24, 1933, the explosion, two weeks before, was caused by a workman trying to repair a gas-filled pipe with a flame-cutter.  Approximately 200 people were killed in the explosion, while another 2,000 were injured.

The next set in the annual series of "Volkshilfe" charity stamps, shown above (Mi. #171-77, Sc. #B47-53), should have been issued at the end of 1933, but these stamps were actually not issued until March 15, 1934.

These seven designs feature themes based on works of art in various Saarbrücken churches, as follows: "Love", "Anxiety", "Peace", "Solace", "Welfare", and "Truth".  The 5 Fr. denomination shows praying figure from the Tomb of Duchess Elizabeth of Lorraine.

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