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Issues for the Plebiscite Territory,
French Protectorate, and Bundesland

St. Ludwig's Church, Burbach Steelworks in Dillingen,
Presidential Residence in Saarbrucken

Pictorial Definitive Stamps of 1921

Saar, in the Michel Deutschland specialized catalogs, is listed in three different sections. The French Mandate under the League of Nations, is located in the "Deutsche Abstimmungsgebiete" (German Plebiscite Territories) section. The post World War II French Protectorate, is located between "West Berlin" and the "Allierte Betsetzung - Französiche Zone" (Allied Occupation - French Zone) sections. The postage stamp issues as a West German state, or "Bundesland" section is located after the pages for "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (Federal Republic of Germany).

I prefer the Michel catalog arrangement for my specialty areas of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as all the various issues are presented in chronological order, and I have built those sections of this website in that arrangement. Up to now, the French mandated League of Nations issues have been built into the "Germany - Plebiscites" category and the French Occupation (Protectorate) issues have been built into the "Germany - A[llied] Occ[upations]" category of this website.

However, for the visitor that may not be familiar with the Michel catalogs or that may want to see all of the postage stamp issues in their totality, this could be very confusing. In light of this fact, I have combined all of the pages for these issues into this main button-bar category of this website.

For one rare occasion, I agree with the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog organization of these three political entities.

A Brief History page is located at the top of the page links section at the right. Next are the League of Nations French Mandate page links, followed by the French Protectorate page links. Eventually there will also be links for the Bundesland pages at the right.

In maintaining the catalog reference theme for the other Germany categories of this website, all of the pages in this new website category will include both Michel and Scott catalog numbers in their references to the postage stamps being reviewed.

Enjoy learning about the postage stamps for this interesting area! For the collector there are many large-sized pictorial definitive stamps and beautiful engraved commemorative stamps, often showing famous works of classical art.  For the specialist, there is also a gold mine of varieties, errors, proofs, essays, etc.

Madonna Paintings by Holbein, Raphael, and Durer
Commemorative Stamps Issued in 1954

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