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Finding postage stamp collection buyers today can be very challenging, especially for those that are not familiar with the hobby or the philatelic market place.  Unfortunately, the days of the local stamp shop, where one could easily take a collection for appraisal, are long gone.  Philately, in the 21st Century, has primarily evolved into an internet-based hobby.  For people that may not be familiar with navigating the internet, this can be a very scary proposition.

This website does not buy, sell, or appraise stamps or collections.  However, I get many requests for advice on how my site visitors can sell their stamp collections.  As an aid to site visitors, I am providing links to the websites of major stamp buyers that regularly advertise in the American Philatelist Magazine and in Linn's Stamp News Magazine.

Mailing a postage stamp collection to a dealer for appraisal can be expensive.  When soliciting an appraisal, one should consider that most postage stamp dealers are over-stocked in modern stamps, those issued after 1935, and they have very little customer demand for them.  These stamps are usually appraised at face-value, or in some cases, they are not counted in the appraisal at all.  Some dealers actually "sell" large lots of these modern commemorative stamps for as little as half of their face-value

The majority of dealers are most interested in classical or early modern postage stamps that have greater customer demand and that they can quickly sell for a respectable profit.

The website links shown below are those of the two largest buyers of worldwide stamps and stamp collections in North America.  They are both high-volume retailers that would have interest in basic collections, as well as more advanced collections.

Mystic Stamp Company
(Worldwide Stamps & Collections)

Dr. Robert Friedman & Sons
(Worldwide Stamps & Collections)

The website links shown below are those of dealers that specialize in particular subjects or countries or that specialize in high-end worldwide stamps and collections.

In some cases, if your collection is valuable enough or extensive enough, the dealer will travel to your residence to evaluate the collection.

"High-end", as it is used here, is usually defined as stamps or stamp collections that have a wholesale market valuation ranging anywhere from $5,000 to about $5,000,000.

(High-end Worldwide Stamps & Collections)

Eric Jackson
(U.S. Revenue Stamps & Collections)

Gary J. Lyon Philatelist Ltd.
(High-end Worldwide Stamps & Collections)

Gary Posner, Inc.
(High-end Worldwide Stamps & Collections)

Henry Gitner Philatelists Inc.
(U.S. Stamps & Collections)

(High-end Worldwide Stamps & Collections)

Richard Friedberg Stamps
(U.S. Revenue Stamps & Collections)

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