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Port Gdansk

Issues of 1925-1929

Port Gdansk is the Polish language name for the Port of Danzig.

As provided in the Treaty of Versailles, Poland was permitted to create a separate post office in the Freistadt Danzig.  The Polish post offices were considered extraterritorial Polish property, and their primary duty was to handle mail between Poland and international destinations. The first Polish post office was established in Danzig in 1920, but Poland did not issue separate postage stamps for use on mail originating from their postal facilities in Danzig.

On January 5, 1925, the Polish Postal and Telegraph office was opened at Hevelius Square in Danzig. This was the third Polish post office in Danzig and the first to be open to the public. The public domain picture at the upper left shows the postal employees standing in front of the entrance to the new post office building in 1925.  Mail posted at the Polish Postal and Telegraph office used the current postage stamps of Poland, overprinted “PORT GDANSK”.  These stamps were valid only at the Polish post offices in Danzig.

The Scott catalog number references in this category are from the POLAND - OFFICES ABROAD catalog listings.

The eleven stamps shown above (Mi. #1-11, Sc. #1K1-11) were issued January 5, 1925 to coincide with the opening of the Polish Postal and Telegraph office in Danzig.  The Poland Coat of Arms definitive stamps of 1924 were overprinted "PORT GDANSK", to create these new stamps for use in Danzig.

On April 12, 1926, the 5 Gr., 10 Gr., and 15 Gr. denomination stamps of the 1925 Poland definitive postage stamp issue was overprinted, as shown above (Mi. #12-14, Sc. #1K11A-13), for use in Danzig.  The overprints on these stamps have thin letters.

Later in 1926, and continuing into 1927, the re-drawn 5 Gr., 10 Gr., 15 Gr., and the 20 Gr. denomination stamps of the 1925-1926 Poland definitive issue were overprinted for use in Danzig.  These overprints, shown above (Mi. #15-18, Sc. #1K14-17), have much thicker lettering than the previous types.

On February 15, 1928, the 1928 redrawn 25 Gr. Marshal Pilsudski stamp of Poland was overprinted for use in Danzig, as shown above (Mi. #19, Sc. #1K18).

Josef Pilsudski (1867-1935) was an important Polish military and political leader.  He was the Polish Chief of State from 1918 to 1922, Marshal from 1920, and the leader of the Second Polish Republic from 1926 to 1935.

Between May 1929 and April 1930, the three Poland Coat of Arms definitive stamps of 1928-1929, shown above (Mi. #20-22, Sc. #1K20-22), were overprinted for Danzig.

On November 30, 1929, the 1928 1 Zl. President Moscicki stamp of Poland was overprinted for use in Danzig, as shown above (Mi. #23, Sc. #1K19).  The overprint on this issue is in two horizontal lines with thick lettering.

Ignacy Mościcki (1867-1946) was a chemist, politician, and the longest serving President of the Second Polish Republic (1926-1939).

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