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Polish Stamps

Airmail Stamps of 1925-1934

Definitive airmail Polish stamps first appeared in 1925.

The nine definitive Polish stamps shown above were issued during 1925 for use on airmail letters.

The common design features a biplane above Warsaw.

The catalog attributes are as follows:

  • 01 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C1) - Light Blue.
  • 02 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C2) - Orange.
  • 03 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C3) - Yellow Brown.
  • 05 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C4) - Dark Brown.
  • 10 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C5) - Dark Green.
  • 15 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C6) - Red Violet.
  • 20 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C7) - Olive Green.
  • 30 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C8) - Dull Rose.
  • 45 G.  (1925 - Sc. #C9) - Dark Violet.

The 30 G. denomination commemorative airmail stamp shown above (Sc. #C10) was issued on April 10, 1933 to publicize the Winning of the Challenge 1932 Air Race by two Polish aviators.

The design features portraits of Captain Franciszek Zwirko and Stanislaw Wigura, along with a RDW-6 Polish monoplane in flight.

Franciszek Zwirko (1895-1932) was a Polish sport and military aviator.  Stanislaw Wigura (1903-1932) was a Polish aviator and aircraft designer.  Flying a RDW-6 monoplane, designed by Wigura, the two aviators won the Challenge (Circuit of Europe) Air Race in August 1932.  They died, en route to an air meet in Warsaw, when their plane crashed in southern Poland on September 11, 1932.

The two overprinted airmail stamps of 1925 and 1933, shown above (Sc. #C11-C12), were issued on August 28, 1934 to publicize the Challenge 1934 Air Race.  The air race was held in Warsaw during August and September of 1934, and the Polish team, flying a RDW-9 monoplane, won the competition.

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