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Philatelic Societies, Stamp Clubs,
Stamp Collecting Information,
and Postal Authorities

Philatelic Societies, local Stamp Club affiliations, and stamp collecting information websites provide us with the fraternal and educational opportunities that we require to enhance the enjoyment of our postage stamp collecting hobby and our specific specialties.

With the absence of the one-time "neighborhood stamp stores", as we used to know them, the future of stamp collecting now relies solely on internet based stamp sellers, stamp buyers, and stamp collecting information data sources.  Stamp collecting is still a thriving hobby, but the modern collector needs to change their focus on where they look for philatelic products and information in the 21st Century.

The pages in the links section at the upper right will focus on the A.P.S., country or specialty specific organizations, local stamp clubs, and stamp collecting information (Mutual Links, Visitor Submitted Links, and Postal Authorities).

Societies and stamp clubs serve a particular purpose, from providing valuable information, publications, and buying opportunities to support your particular collecting interests, to providing fellowship with those that share your collecting interests, on a personal level.

I have recently added a new section for Visitor Submitted Links to my Stamp Collecting Information page.  If the visitor has a favorite local link that they feel would help other collectors in their geographic area, feel free to submit them, and, if appropriate, I will include them in the new section of my Stamp Collecting Information page.

Please use the Contact Form in this site to submit any new Mutual Links or new Visitor Submitted Links.

A section has been added at the end of the Stamp Collecting Information page, featuring Postal Authorities. These links will enable the collector to buy postage stamp new issues and other philatelic products directly from the Postal Service of the particular country they are collecting. This section will take a while to populate. Please be patient.

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