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Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps


Migratory bird hunting stamps have been issued every year since 1934.  All of the stamps issued since 1977 are inscribed US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR and MIGRATORY BIRD HUNTING AND CONSERVATION STAMP.  The proceeds from the sale of these stamps benefit Waterfowl Conservation and Waterfowl Habitat Conservation.

These stamps are issued at the beginning of July of each year, and they are valid for use on bird hunting permits through June 30 of the following year.  The expiration date is inscribed on each of the stamps, thus, the stamp issued in 1994 is inscribed VOID AFTER JUNE 30, 1995.

In order to be valid, the stamp must be affixed to each year's bird hunting permit and signed by the holder of the permit.  Thus, used stamps have manuscript cancellations.  These stamps are sold through the United States Post Office, and as such, stamp collectors can also buy and keep mint condition examples for their collections.

These stamps are NOT just collected by US revenue stamp collectors.  They also have a worldwide appeal to thematic collectors, hunters, bird enthusiasts, and the general public.  Due to the high demand for these migratory bird hunting permit stamps, sometimes called duck stamps, many of the earlier issues have become scarce and very expensive.

The collecting of migratory bird hunting stamps may also include errors, plate blocks, proofs, artist signed prints, and more recently, decorative miniature panes. 

In order to maximize the subject content of this section, the stamps of this period are shown in table format, with a brief catalog detail description and a description of the vignette below each of the images.

1994 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW61
Red-Breasted Mergansers

1995 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW62
Mallards in Flight

1996 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW63
Surf Scoters

1997 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW64
Canadian Goose

1998 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW65, 65A
Barrow's Goldeneye

1999 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW66, 66A
Greater Scaup Ducks

2000 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW67, 67A
Mottled Duck

2001 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW68, 68A
Northern Pintail

2002 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW69, 69A
Black Scoters

2003 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW70, 70A
Snow Geese

2004 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW71, 71A
Redheaded Ducks

2005 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW72, 72A
Hooded Mergansers

2006 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW73, 73A
Ross Goose

2007 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW74, 74A
Ring-Necked Ducks

2008 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW75, 75A
Northern Pintail Ducks

2009 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW76, 76A
Long-Tailed Duck

2010 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW77, 77A
American Wigeon

2011 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW78, 78A
White-Fronted Geese

2012 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW79, 79A
Wood Duck

2013 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW80, 80A
Common Goldeneye

2014 - $15.00 - Sc. #RW81, 81A
Canvasback Ducks

2015 - $25.00 - Sc. #RW82, 82A
Ruddy Ducks

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