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Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps


Migratory bird hunting stamps have been issued every year since 1934.  All of the stamps issued since 1939 are inscribed US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR.  The proceeds from the sale of these stamps benefit Waterfowl Conservation and Waterfowl Habitat Conservation.

These stamps are issued at the beginning of July of each year, and they are valid for use on bird hunting permits through June 30 of the following year.  The expiration date is inscribed on each of the stamps, thus, the stamp issued in 1954 is inscribed VOID AFTER JUNE 30, 1955.

In order to be valid, the stamp must be affixed to each year's bird hunting permit and signed by the holder of the permit.  Thus, used stamps have manuscript cancellations.  These stamps are sold through the United States Post Office, and as such, stamp collectors can also buy and keep mint condition examples for their collections.

These stamps are NOT just collected by US revenue stamp collectors.  They also have a worldwide appeal to thematic collectors, hunters, bird enthusiasts, and the general public.  Due to the high demand for these migratory bird hunting permit stamps, sometimes called duck stamps, many of the earlier issues have become scarce and very expensive.

The collecting of migratory bird hunting stamps may also include errors, plate blocks, proofs, artist signed prints, and more recently, decorative miniature panes. 

In order to maximize the subject content of this section, the stamps of this period are shown in table format, with a brief catalog detail description and a description of the vignette below each of the images.

1954 - $2.00 - Sc. #RW21
Red-Necked Ducks in Flight

1955 - $2.00 - Sc. #RW22
Blue Geese in Flight

1956 - $2.00 - Sc. #RW23
American Mergansers in Flight

1957 - $2.00 - Sc. #RW24
American Eiders in Flight

1958 - $2.00 - Sc. #RW25
Canadian Geese

1959 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW26
Labrador Retriever

1960 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW27
Redheaded Duck Family

1961 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW28
Mallard Hen and Ducklings

1962 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW29
Pintail Drakes Alighting

1963 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW30
Brant Ducks Landing

1964 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW31
Hawaiian Nene Geese

1965 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW32
Canvasback Drakes in Flight

1966 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW33
Whistling Swans taking Flight

1967 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW34
Old Squaw Ducks

1968 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW35
Hooded Mergansers

1969 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW36
White Winged Scoters

1970 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW37
Ross Geese

1971 - $3.00 - Sc. #RW38
Cinnamon Teals

1972 - $5.00 - Sc. #RW39
Emperor Geese

1973 - $5.00 - Sc. #RW40
Steller's Eiders

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