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Glauchau - 1945

From an Old Postcard

Local stamps were produced during 1945 for the Soviet occupation zone town of Glauchau in Saxony. The town is situated on the Mulde River, north of Zwickau and west of Chemnitz.

A reminder:  One must realize that in the months and years following the collapse of the Third Reich, up to about 1948, there was really no civilian or commercial infrastructure, no local government, and the only national governments were those of the Allied occupation military forces.  All of the local issues of Germany from this period, especially the ones with obliterating overprints on the stamps of the former Third Reich, have been heavily counterfeited.  Authentic mint and used stamps from this period are actually very scarce.  One must assume that unauthenticated mint condition examples of some of the local issues are either forgeries or reproductions.  Likewise, one must assume that unauthenticated used condition examples from this period are either of "philatelic" in origin or have been favor-canceled.  These all have minimal philatelic value.  If one is buying unauthenticated examples of the post-war local issues, please keep this in mind and DON'T spend too much money on them.

Glauchau was founded by the Sorbs and Wends, and the old castle there dates to the 12th Century. Clauchau's twin city is Lynchburg, Virginia.

During 1945, existing stocks of the definitive postage stamps and official postage stamps of the Third Reich were utilized to create local stamps for Glauchau. These Third Reich issues were overprinted with obliterating bars, "Kreis / Glauchau" or "District of Glauchau" in different styles, and in most cases, they were re-valued with new denominations.

At the beginning of June 1945, the Third Reich Adolf Hitler definitive stamp series of 1941-1944 was overprinted and revalued (or not revalued) in the style of the examples shown in the first row above. The overprints were as follows:

  • 3 Pf. and 10 Pf. (both types) denominations revalued to 10 Pf.
  • 4 Pf., 5 Pf., 6 Pf., and 8 Pf. denominations revalued to 15 Pf.
  • 12 Pf., 15 Pf., 16 Pf., 20 Pf., 24 Pf., and 42 Pf. denominations revalued to 25 Pf.
  • 25 Pf., 30 Pf., 40 Pf., 50 Pf., 60 Pf., and 80 Pf. denominations without revaluation.

Many of these Glauchau local stamps also exist with double overprints and shifted overprints.

In the middle of June 1945, ten denominations of the Third Reich Nazi Party Official Stamp series of 1942 were overprinted and revalued in the style of the examples shown in the second row above. These stamps were all revalued to 15 Pf.

At the same time, 13 denominations of the Third Reich Official Stamp issues of 1934-1942 were overprinted and revalued in the style of the examples shown in the third row above. These stamps were all revalued to 25 Pf. The 10 Pf., 15 Pf., and 30 Pf. denominations with this overprint are rare.

In August 1945, the 1 Pf., 4 Pf., 5 Pf., 6 Pf., 8 Pf., and 12 Pf. denominations of the Third Reich Adolph Hitler definitive stamp series were overprinted in the style shown in the last row above. These overprints were never authorized for use, and they were not officially issued.

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