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Liechtenstein Stamps

Issues of 1951-1952

May 3, 1951, a series of new regular postage Liechtenstein stamps were issued, replacing the landscape definitive stamp issues of 1944-1949.  These new definitive postage stamps featured Liechtenstein occupations, and they are all shown above (Sc. #247-58).

The new stamps depict:

  • 05 Rp.   - Boy cutting bread.
  • 10 Rp.   - Laborer.
  • 15 Rp.   - Cutting hay.
  • 20 Rp.   - Harvesting corn.
  • 25 Rp.   - Load of hay.
  • 30 Rp.   - Wine grower.
  • 40 Rp.   - Farmer with scythe.
  • 50 Rp.   - Cattle raising.
  • 60 Rp.   - Plowing.
  • 80 Rp.   - Woman with potatoes.
  • 90 Rp.   - Potato cultivation.
  • 01 Fr.   - Tractor with potatoes.

The 10 Rp. and 20 Rp. denominations were issued in both sheets and in coils.

The three stamps shown above (Sc. #B19-21) were issued on July 24, 1951.  They feature rare paintings in the Principality of Lichtenstein Art Gallery in Vaduz.

They depict:

  • 10 + 10 Rp.   - Canal by Albert Cuyp (1620-1691).
  • 20 + 10 Rp.   - Willem van Huythuysen by Frans Hals (1582-1666).
  • 40 + 10 Rp.   - Landscape by Jacob van Ruysdael (1628-1682).

Three new high-denomination Liechtenstein stamps were also issued during 1951 and 1952.

The two stamps at the top of the scan above (Sc. #259-60) were issued on November 20, 1951.  The 2 Franken denomination has a portrait of Prince Franz Josef II (1906-1989), and the 3 Franken denomination has a portrait of Princess Gina von Liechtenstein (1921-1989).

These two high-denomination definitives are watermarked "Crown and Initials" and they come in two different varieties.  The first variety is perforated 12 1/2 x 12, and the second variety is perforated 14 1/2.  There are also four different orientations of the watermark that exist for both the perforation varieties of each denomination.

The 5 Franken high-denomination definitive postage stamp shown at the bottom of the scan above was issued on September 25, 1952.  The stamp pictures a View of Vaduz Castle.  These stamps were printed in sheets of nine which can be collected as a souvenir sheetlet.

The three stamps shown above (Sc. #261-63) were issued on March 27, 1952.  They feature rare paintings in the Principality of Lichtenstein Art Gallery in Vaduz.

They depict:

  • 20 Rp.   - Portrait by Savolodo (1480-1548).
  • 30 Rp.   - Madonna by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510).
  • 40 Rp.   - St. John by Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530).

The 1949 40 Rp. Church at Bandern issue was re-issued on September 25, 1952.  The re-issues were surcharged in Red with a new value, 1.20 Fr., as shown above (Sc. #265).

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