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Liechtenstein Stamps

Issues of 1947-1948

The three Liechtenstein stamps shown above (Sc. #223-25) were issued October 15, 1947.  They are a continuation of the game animals series begun in late 1946.

These stamps depict:  a Chamois, an Alpine Marmot, and a Golden Eagle.

On March 20, 1947, the high-denomination 5 Franken definitive stamp shown above (Sc. #222), first issued in 1945, was re-issued in Henna Brown, instead of the former Bluish Grey color.

These re-issues were also engraved, perforated 11 1/2, and they were issued in sheets of 8 with marginal inscriptions.

The 2 Franken stamp shown above (Sc. #226) was issued on December 10, 1947 in memory of Princess Elizabeth (Elsa), who died on September 28.

Elizabeth von Gutmann was the Princess Consort of Franz I, sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein.  She was born in Vienna in 1875. After the death of Franz I and the NAZI annexation of Austria in 1938, being Jewish, she fled to Vitznau in Switzerland, where she lived until her death.  She was the first princess to be buried in the new royal crypt adjacent to the Vaduz Cathedral.

There was only one issue of Liechtenstein stamps during 1948, and they are all shown in the scans above (Sc. #C24-33).  Although the word "Flugpost" (airmail) does not appear on any of the stamps, they are classified in all the stamp catalogs as airmail stamps.

These stamps commemorate the Pioneers of Flight, and they show famous people that are associated with the history of flight, as follows:

  • 10 Rp. - Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).
  • 15 Rp. - Joseph Montgolfier (1740-1810).
  • 20 Rp. - Jacob Degen (1761-1848).
  • 25 Rp. - Wilhelm Kress (1836-1913).
  • 40 Rp. - E. G. Robertson (1763-1837)
  • 50 Rp. - William S. Henson (1805-1868).
  • 01 Fr. - Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896).
  • 02 Fr. - S. A. Andree (1854-1897).
  • 05 Fr. - Wilbur Wright (1867-1912).
  • 10 Fr. - Icarus (Ancient Greek Mythology)

The 20 Rp., originally issued in a dark orange brown color, was re-issued in 1950 in a new reddish brown color.  The reddish brown shade (Sc. #C26a) is much more expensive than the original orange brown shade.

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