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Liechtenstein Stamps

Collecting Liechtenstein stamps has always been closely associated with the collecting of Swiss Stamps and Austrian Stamps.

Until 1918, the Principality of Liechtenstein was part of the Austrian Empire.  Separate stamp issues for Liechtenstein began in 1912, with the stamps denominated in Austrian currency ... Heller and Krone.

After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I, Liechtenstein's postal service fell under the administration of Switzerland, and to this day, their stamps are denominated in Swiss Rappen and Franken.  Being an independent Principality, under Swiss protection, has served Liechtenstein well, especially during the turbulent events of the mid-20th Century.

If one specializes in the philately of Switzerland or that of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the presence of Liechtenstein is unavoidable.  In the Michel and Zumstein catalogs for Switzerland, the complete country listings for Liechtenstein are also included.  In specialized catalogs for Austro-Hungarian postmarks and postal history, towns in Liechtenstein are also included.

Liechtenstein stamps are among the most beautifully designed of any other country in Europe.  Philatelically, the stamp issues of Liechtenstein are completable, something that can not be said for the other German speaking countries of Europe.  Collecting all the issues of Liechtenstein can be moderately expensive, but this goal is not beyond the means of most serious philatelists.  If one collects, say the issues of 1945 to date, the country is easily completable.

The webmaster (myself) specializes in the stamps of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  I've always said that I would NEVER consider collecting the stamps of Liechtenstein.  But, in the end, I relented!  I was able to obtain a complete collection of Liechtenstein, mounted in a Lighthouse album, from 1945-1991 through an internet auction.  That will be the basis, for the time being, for future articles for this section of the website.

This section will be "under construction" for a long while.  Articles about Lichtenstein stamps and Liechtenstein history will eventually appear in the link section at the upper right.  Please keep checking back for updates and enjoy the philately of Liechtenstein.

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