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I Did Not Mean it to be a Hobby


My name is Adel. I am from Libya, and I used to live in a city that was known to be one of the most important of the caravan and trading cities, so stamps are nothing new for the people there.

My story with stamps began when i was not more than 6 years old, even before going to school. As my brother and I were children, we didn't understand what postage stamps were for, but we used to get them from my grandfather, when he received mail.

He used to give the foreign magazines and newspapers he received to my older brothers, after he finished reading them. At the same time, he gave me and my little brother the envelopes, where these small, nice pictures were affixed. After many years, we had many papers and envelopes. I can not remember when I first realized I was a stamp collector.

Now I am interested in astronomy and historical themes on stamps and in traditional postage stamps, and I buy them everywhere I travel.

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