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Gibraltar Stamps

Gibraltar Issues of 1886, 1903, and 1912

Gibraltar stamps first appeared in 1886.  Gibraltar is a British crown colony, overlooking the Straight of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

Just about all British colonial stamps are printed on paper with the Crown Colonies (CC) or Crown Agents (CA) watermark.  The five different watermarks used for the stamps of Gibraltar, from 1886 through 1989, are illustrated below.  In the content pages for this category, where necessary, they will only be referred to by their appropriate watermark number and description.

Crown & CA

Multiple Crown & CA

Multiple Crown &
Script CA


WMK 314
Multiple St. Edward's
Crown & CA


WMK 373
Multiple Diagonal
Crown & CA


Before the appearance of Gibraltar stamps, the postage stamps of Great Britain and Spain were used interchangeably in the colony, depending on the type of mail and the transportation requirements for the mail. 

Early British stamps used in Gibraltar may be identified by the use of cancels containing the number "A26" or the letter "G" in oval bars.

Views of Gibraltar
(Issued in 2007)

The Rock of Gibraltar, and the colony that emerged around its base, being a mere 2.6 square miles in area, is one of the most important countries in all of Europe.  Why?  It dominates the Strait of Gibraltar, the only maritime access from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.  In fact, before the construction of the Suez Canal, the Strait of Gibraltar provided the only maritime access from the Mediterranean Sea to ANY of the great oceans.

The stamps of Gibraltar reflect its incredible beauty.  Today, the colony is known as a center for shipping, vacation travel, and the online gambling industry, but historically it has been famous for its strategic military significance.  One of the greatest naval battles of modern history was fought very near Gibraltar in 1805, just off the cost of Cape Trafalgar, Spain!

For the stamp collector or philatelist, Gibraltar is actually a country that can be easily COMPLETED without breaking-the-bank.  Even the high-denomination classical stamps of Gibraltar are generally not beyond the means of more dedicated collectors and philatelists.

Historical articles and reviews of the postage stamp issues of Gibraltar will appear in the link section at the top of the third column of this page.

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