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German Occupation

Estonia - Pernau

Pernau - Modern Day Pämu in Estonia

During the German occupation of Estonia, Russian stamps were overprinted for local use in Pernau (Pämu).

The original town was founded in 1251. It was called Perona (German - Alt-Pernau, Estonian - Vana-Pämu), but it was destroyed in 1600. Another nearby town, called Embeke (German - Neu-Pernau, Estonian - Uus-Pämu, was founded in 1265, and it later became known by the German name of Pernau. The town became a member of the Hanseatic League, and it was an important harbor for Livonia.

Today, the city of Pämu is a popular Summer vacation resort, known for its hotels, restaurants, spas, and beaches.

Between August and September of 1941, the contemporary 1 K., 2 K., 3 K., 4 K., 5 K., 10 K., 15 K., 20 K., 30 K., and 50 K. definitive stamps of the Soviet Union were overprinted "Pernau / 8. VII / 1941", for local use in Pernau. July 8, 1941 was the date the occupation of Estonia began. These German occupation overprints exist in two types.

The type 1 overprints have Roman Numerals (VII) indicating the numeral one in the month. The type 1 overprints were issued on August 16, and only the denominations from the 5 K. through the 50 K. were used. Mint examples are moderately scarce, and used examples, especially those on cover, are very scarce. The 50 K. denomination, with the type 1 overprint is RARE. The images above show the issued denominations, except for the 50 K., with the type 1 overprint (Mi. #1I-10I, Sc. N/L).

The type 2 overprints have regular numerals (V11) indicating the numeral one in the month. The type 2 overprints were released on September 16, and these overprints were used for all the denominations from the 1 K. through the 50 K. Most of the type 2 overprints are not very expensive. The Michel Catalog indicates that these later overprinted stamps did not see any postal usage, and that the few used examples encountered are favor-canceled stamps. The complete set, with the type 2 overprint, is shown above (Mi. #1II-10II, Sc. N/L).

In November 1941, Estonia was incorporated into the Reichskommissariat Ostland, and German stamps, overprinted "OSTLAND", were used.

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Germany - German Occupations

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