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German Empire

Germania Issue - 1902


Block of Four with the LR Stamp
being the "DFUTSCHES REICH" Error

The German Empire, at the beginning of April 1902, re-issued the Germania series of 1900, with the inscription changed from "REICHSPOST" (Imperial Postage) to "DEUTSCHES REICH" (Empire of Germany).

The 1902 set is shown above. All of these stamps were printed on white, unwatermarked paper, and, with the exception of the 2 Mark, they used the same block-type lettering of the 1900 series.

For some reason though, the new 2 Mark denomination had the inscription in script-type lettering, different from all the other denominations in the set. This particular denomination was recalled, after having been on sale in post offices for only about a month.  Today, mint examples of this 2 Mark denomination stamp are moderately priced, whereas postally used examples are much more expensive.

In May of 1902, the 2 Mark was again issued, but with the same block-type font used on the other denominations. 

This re-designed 2 Mark stamp, due to its short time of usage, about 2 years, is actually worth more in mint condition than the original version mentioned above.

The Mark values of this series, except for the recalled 2 Mark script-type lettering variety, exist with two different types of perforations.

The first type (Michel Type A), created in early 1902, had 26 perforation holes on top and bottom of the stamps and 17 perforation holes on the sides of the stamps.

The second type (Michel Type B), created between late 1902 and 1904, had 25 perforation holes on the top and bottom of the stamps, and 16 perforation holes on the sides of the stamps.

Type B varieties are much scarcer. The 2 Mark stamp above and to the left is Type A. The 2 Mark stamp above and to the right is Type B.

Due to the short period of usage of this set, before being replaced by the same types on watermarked paper in 1905, mint examples are quite expensive.  Used examples are more common and are reasonably priced.

The Pfennig denominations of this set exist imperforate.  They are not unreasonably expensive.  Some of the Phennig denominations come in different shades, with some being very expensive, especially those of the 20 Pf. denomination.

The Mark denominations of this set also exist imperforate, and they are all quite expensive.

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German Empire

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