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Hitler Definitives - 1941-1944

The Generalgouvernment of Poland began issuing definitive postage stamps, featuring the effigy of Adolph Hitler, in 1941.

The twelve stamps shown in the scans above (Mi. #71-82, Sc. #N76-87) were issued on October 26, 1941.  They are printed in photogravure and are all perforated 14.

All of these denominations exist imperforate, and are not terribly expensive.

The six higher denomination postage stamps shown above (Mi. #83-88, Sc. #N91-96) were issued on April 7, 1942.  In a departure from the manufacture of the first definitive postage stamp issue, these stamps were engraved and perforated 12 1/2.

The three highest denominations (1 Z., 1.20 Z., 1.60 Z.) were re-issued in 1944 with perforation gauge 14.  These have about the same value as the original perforated 12 1/2 issue.

The three stamps shown above (Mi. #110-12, Sc. #N88-90) were issued between June and July 1943 to replace the same existing engraved denominations.  These new denominations were printed in photogravure and are perforated 14.

The stamp shown above is a World War II propaganda forgery.  Instead of the effigy of Adolph Hitler, these forgeries show the effigy of Hans Frank, the Governor General of the Generalgouvernment of Poland.

Hans Michael Frank (1900–1946) was a German jurist who worked for the Nazi party during the 1920s and 1930s. During his tenure as the Governor General of occupied Poland (1939–1945), he instituted a reign of terror against the Polish population and became directly involved in the mass murder of Polish Jews. He was captured at the end of the war, and at the Nuremberg trials, convicted of crimes against humanity and executed.

These stamps were created by the British government in early 1943, and they were air-dropped to the Polish Resistance for use in mailing anti-NAZI propaganda leaflets.

Authentic examples of these propaganda forgeries are very rare and are beyond the financial means of most collectors.  Facsimiles, in various colors, abound on the philatelic market, and they are worth about $1.00 each.

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