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Freistadt Danzig

Issues of 1930-1935

For the Freistadt Danzig (Free City of Danzig), the period from 1930 to 1935 was filled with great uncertainty.  The Great Depression, which began in late 1929, continued into the early part of the decade. 

As a result of ongoing economic hardship, coupled with ethnic resentment, the local NAZI Party was able to take full control of the Danzig legislature in June 1933.  After the takeover of the local government, political opposition was suppressed, sometimes violently. 

The persecution and discrimination against the Jewish population, about 2 % of the total population of Danzig, also began at this time, causing many of them to flee to neighboring countries.

November 15, 1930 was the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Freistadt Danzig.  To celebrate this event, the 11 definitive postage stamps shown above were overprinted " 1920 / 15. November / 1930 ".

This is a pricey set, and one should be very careful when buying them, as counterfeits do exist.

The overprinted, revalued, and surcharged airpost stamps shown above were issued on July 11, 1932 for the International Air Post (Philatelic) Exhibition.  The current Gulden denomination high-value scenic definitive postage stamps, first issued in 1924, were utilized.

These stamps were sold for double the surcharged values, with the excess amount going to the philatelic exhibition.

A new 7 Pf. denomination for the current Arms definitive postage stamp series was added on April 27, 1933.  It is shown in the scan above.  The  new denomination was printed on white paper, and it has the same characteristics as the previously issued types.

The three surcharged definitive postage stamps shown above were issued on January 15, 1934 to raise money for Winter Relief Charities.  The overprint "W. H. W" stands for the German word "Winterhilfswerke".

Only 13,000 sets were sold, making them rather scarce today.  Counterfeits do exist.

Between December 1934 and December 1936, postal rate requirements, necessitated the creation of re-valued postage stamps.  These were the 6 Pf. on 7 Pf., 8 Pf. on 7 Pf., and 30 Pf. on 35 Pf., all shown above.

There were three types of revaluation markings used on the 7 Pf. stamps, with the colors used being dark blue, red, and dark blue green.

The two Arms definitive series stamps shown above were issued on April 15, 1935.  They were only printed on white paper.

The six Arms definitive series stamps shown above were issued between June and September 1935.  They were also only printed on white paper.

The new set of airpost stamps shown above were issued on October 24, 1935.  The new designs feature stylized monoplanes.

The second in the annual series of Winter Relief charity stamps, shown above, were issued on December 16, 1935.  The designs feature the Stock Tower, George Hall, and the City Gate, all in Danzig.

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