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Freistadt Danzig

Issues of 1922

For the Freistadt Danzig (Free City of Danzig), 1922 was a light year, as far as stamp issues go.

Only definitive postage stamps were issued in 1922, primarily being changes to the Coat of Arms definitive types of 1921, and the addition of new higher denomination stamps.

The six Coat of Arms type stamps shown above (Mi. #93-96, Sc. #81-83, #85-86, #88) were issued on February 1, 1922.  The 80 Pf. and 2 Mk. stamps were re-issued in different colors, and four new denominations, the 75 Pf., 1.25 Mk., 2.40 Mk., and 4 Mk., were added.

As with the previous issues, these stamps were all perforated 14 and watermarked honeycomb.

On February 1, 1922, the new 9 Mk. denomination large Coat of Arms type stamp shown above (Mi. #99, Sc. #78) was added.  It has the same perforation and watermark attributes as the stamps of this type issued during 1921.

The two new very high denomination Coat of Arms definitive stamps shown above were issued in March and October of 1922.

They are serrate rouletted 13 1/2 and are watermarked honeycomb, either upright (Mi. #100X-01X, Sc. #94-95) or sideways (Mi. #100Y-01Y, Sc. N/L).  In the case of these two new definitive stamps, the sideways watermarked issues are actually cheaper than the upright watermark ones.

The three re-valued Coat of Arms type Freistadt Danzig stamps shown above (Mi. #102, #106-07, Sc. #96-98) were also issued in 1922.

The three new stamp denominations shown above (Mi. #103-105, Sc. #84, #87, #91) were added to the Coat of Arms definitive stamp series on July 29, 1922.

The four higher denomination Coat of Arms type stamps shown above (Mi. #108-11, Sc. #89-90, #92-93) were issued between October and November of 1922.

The issues of 1922 are beginning to reflect something obvious that is about to happen here!  A bit of inflation?  Something going on with the ceaselessly changing postal rates?

During the 1920's, the social, political, and economic history of the Freistadt Danzig closely paralleled that of Weimar Germany.

By the end of 1922, the definitive letter postage stamp types, denominated in Pfennigs, had rapidly been replaced by those denominated in Marks.

Yes, like Weimar Germany, Danzig would soon see spiraling hyperinflation, which would continue to plague the small city-state through late 1923, though it was not nearly as extreme as the hyperinflation that took place in Germany during 1923.  The hyperinflation stamps will be presented on the next category page.

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