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Cover Albums

Cover albums are ideal for arranging and displaying postal history covers, first day covers, and postcards.

Have numerous definitive postage stamp or First Day covers stored in envelope boxes?  This storage medium isn't only sad, but you will never be able to enjoy, display, or show off your cover collection to your friends this way!  Albums for all of your covers may be a substantial initial financial outlay, but you will be much happier in the long run.  I would recommend searching eBay for them.  There are many varieties from a number of different manufacturers to choose from.

These albums are useful for the reason that pages with covers should not be put into a stamp album along with pages of stamps. Putting pages of covers in a stamp album can cause the top or the bottom of the album to bulge out abnormally. Doing this can cause the pages with stamps on them to become warped, possibly damaging the stamps, and can cause the album spine and covers to wear abnormally. The exception would be in an exhibit write-up, stored in a ring-type binder, where stamps, postcards, and / or covers are mounted on the same pages together.

They come in numerous styles and sizes. If you're going to have foreign envelopes and postcards, as well as the normal sized U.S. envelopes and postcards, I would recommend getting one of the albums in the larger foreign letter envelope size. That would accommodate just about everything you would ever want to add to your collection.

They are available in the large business envelope size, but most collectors tend to avoid collecting stamps that are used on such large size envelopes. Such an album would be over-kill for the needs of most collectors.

The albums come in a variety of colors, so the collector should be able to find one of them that will compliment the look and appearance of their stamp albums. Most of them, including the Lighthouse brand, are very reasonably priced.

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