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Austria Stamps

Soviet Occupation - Part 1

Austria stamps began to re-appear in May of 1945.  One thing the new provisional government in the Soviet occupation area of Eastern Austria needed desperately was a working postal service.  At the end of the war, the one thing in abundant supply in Austria was a very large inventory of unused Third Reich postage stamps, and the new government made full use of them in the ensuing months!

All of the overprinted stamps on this page were issued for use in Vienna, and the recently conquered provinces of Lower Austria and Burgenland.  All the stamps on this page are also denominated in Pfennig and Marks.

The four overprinted Austria stamps shown above were created at the beginning of May 1945, utilizing Adolph Hitler definitive postage stamps of the Third Reich.  These are the only four varieties that were REGULARLY issued.

This group is known as the First Vienna Supplemental Issue.

The 3 Pf. denomination also exists with this overprint, and it is relatively common, though it was never officially issued.  These and other denominations exist with trial overprints in various types and colors, and authentic examples of them are very rare.  Local, unauthorized overprints similar to these also exist, and they are rare.  Please see the specialized catalogs for details.

The four Third Reich charity stamps shown above were officially overprinted and re-valued for use as definitive postage stamps at the beginning of June 1945.

This group is known as the Second Vienna Supplemental Issue.

The new overprinted stamps shown above were also officially issued at the beginning of June 1945.  These new stamps still have the diagonal Austria overprint, but they also feature vertical bars obliterating the profile of Adolph Hitler.

This group is known as the Third Vienna Supplemental Issue.

There are two types of the overprint on the 5 Pf. denomination, which are both shown above.  The second type is the more expensive of the two types.  There are also two types on the 30 Pf. and 42 Pf. denominations, differing in the overprint orientation.

The four high denomination overprinted stamps shown above were printed, but they were not delivered to post offices.  Not many of them ever reached the public.  They are occasionally found today in the philatelic marketplace and are usually priced at under $100 for the set.

The 2 Mk. through 5 Mk. denominations exist both perforated 12 1/2 and perforated 14.  The perforated 12 1/2 varieties are scarce.

There are overprint errors on almost all of the obliteration bar overprinted stamps shown above.  Please see the specialized Netto and Michel catalogs for details.

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