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Austria Stamps

Issues of 1918-1919

Austria stamps appeared in late 1918 with the overprint "Deutschösterreich".  In the weeks following the end of World War I, the interim state of "German Austria" was established in the German-speaking areas of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.  This frail state envisioned their eventual unification with the new Republic of Germany, but that would never happen.  The state of German Austria would soon evolve into the Republic of Austria, and it would survive to become a thriving democracy, but the post-war era and the Great Depression era would make things very difficult for the people of this new republic, both politically and economically.

The fifteen Austria stamps shown above were issued in December 1918 with the overprint "Deutschösterreich".  These stamps are all perforated 12 1/2.

Many of these denominations exist imperforate.  The 90 H. denomination also exists on thick paper, and as such, it is very scarce.

The Krone denomination Austria stamps shown above were also overprinted "Deutschösterreich", and they were issued in 1919.  The most common of these stamps are all perforated 12 1/2.

Both the Prussian Blue and Dark Blue shades of the 2 Kr. denomination are shown above.  The 2 Kr. denomination also comes in Dark Greenish Blue.

The 2 Kr. and 4 Kr. denominations also exist perforated 11 1/2, and with this gauge, they are much scarcer.

The 10 Kr. denomination exist with the design in two different sizes.  The first size is 25 mm x 30 mm, and the second size is 26 mm x 29 mm.  The 10 Kr. stamps with the first design size are scarce.

The newspaper stamps shown above, originally issued in 1916, were re-issued in January 1919 with the "Deutschösterreich" overprint.  As with the previous newspaper stamp issue, these are all imperforate.

The 1917 special handling stamps shown above, were re-issued in January 1919 with the "Deutschösterreich" overprint.  These stamps feature the profile of Mercury, and they come in four different perforation gauges.

The most common of the four perforation gauges are 12 1/2 and 11 1/2.  Stamps of the other two perforation gauges, 11 1/2 x 12 1/2 and 12 1/2 x 11 1/2 are very scarce.

The re-valued special handling stamp shown above was actually issued in December 1921, but since it incorporates the "Deutschösterreich" overprint, the Michel catalog includes it here in their listings.

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