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Austria Stamps

Issues of 1922

Republic of Austria stamps,  inscribed Österreich, first appeared in 1922, though the new republic had actually been created two years earlier.

The Republic of German Austria was created in 1918, with the intent that there would eventually be a union of Germany and Austria.  However, having the two former Germanic empires unite to form a single nation was completely unacceptable to the Allied powers of World War I and to the League of Nations, and the post-war republic was never officially recognized. 

The Treaty of Saint Germain, on September 10, 1919, in effect, dissolved the government of the Republic of German Austria.  A new government was formed, and a new constitution, having an anti-Anschluß (against unification with Germany) platform was implemented in 1920.  Thus was born the modern Republic of Austria (First Republic).

With the establishment of a brand new nation, of course, there needed to be new currency, coins, and postage stamps.  And for Republic of Austria stamps, 1922 was a very memorable year!

The thirty-eight symbolic definitive Republic of Austria stamps shown above began appearing in January 1922, continuing through December 1924.  They are all typographed and perforated 12 1/2.

The design of the narrow stamps features symbols of agriculture, and the design of the wide stamps features symbols of labor and industry.

The eleven symbolic definitive Republic of Austria stamps shown above also began appearing in January 1922, continuing through December 1924.  They are all engraved

The design of these stamps features symbols of agriculture and science.

These stamps come with three different perforation gauges and two different design sizes which, unfortunately, makes them rather complex.

Here's a chart of the varieties, per the Michel catalog:

Perforation Gauge

Design Size


Perforated 12 1/2

25 x 29.5 mm

26 x 29 mm

50 K., 100 K., 200 K., 500 K., 1000 K., 2000 K., 3000 K., 5000 K.

20 K., 25 K., 50 K., 100 K, 200 K., 500 K., 10000 K.

Perforated 11 1/2

25 x 29.5 mm

26 x 29 mm

50 K., 100 K., 1000 K.

20 K., 25 K., 50 K., 100 K., 200 K.

Perforated 12 x 11 1/2

25 x 29.5 mm

50 K.

The eight Republic of Austria newspaper stamps shown above were issued between December 1921 and January 1922.  They are all typographed and imperforate.

The surtaxed commemorative Austria stamps shown above were issued on April 24, 1922 to honor Austrian Composers and Musicians.  These stamps were issued with two different perforation gauges.

Perforated 12 1/2 stamps exist for the 2.5 K., 5 K., 7.5 K., 10 K., 25 K., 50 K., and 100 K.

Perforated 11 1/2 stamps exist for the 2.5 K., 7.5 K., 10 K., 25 K., and 100 K.

These stamps were sold at ten times the face value.  The surtax was given to needy musicians.

The designs are as follows:

  • 2.5 K. - Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
  • 5.0 K. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (1756-1791)
  • 7.5 K. - Ludwig van Beethoven  (1770-1827)
  • 10 K. - Franz Schubert  (1797-1828)
  • 25 K. - Anton Bruckner  (1824-1896)
  • 50 K. - Johann Strauss the Younger  (1825-1899)
  • 100 K. - Hugo Wolf  (1860-1903)

The first air mail stamps of the Republic of Austria, shown above, began appearing in October 1922, continuing through April 1924.  The four lower denominations are typographed, the four higher denominations are engraved, and all the stamps are perforated 12 1/2.

The two common designs feature a Hawk in Flight and Wilhelm Kress (1836-1913), an Austrian aircraft designer.

It may be noticed than NONE of the stamps in this entire column are denominated in Heller!  They are ALL denominated in Kroner!  This is a sign of the arrival of the period of hyperinflation that swept over Central Europe in 1922 and 1923.  The hyper-inflationary period in Austria, though severe, was not as bad as it was in Germany and in Hungary.

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Being the only stamp on this entire page that is denominated in Heller, this special handling stamp was issued at the end of December 1921.

This was the last, special handing stamp to be issued.