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Austrian Empire

Offices in The Turkish Empire


Collecting postmarks of the Austrian Empire - Post Offices / Postal Agencies in the Turkish Empire can be fun, and many nice items can be acquired through online auctions and at philatelic bourses, frequently, at a fraction of the stamp's actual value. The bourse dealer or auctioneer may not have any specialized knowledge of early Austrian Imperial postmarks, and as many of these stamps catalog only a few cents each, the astute buyer could possibly acquire a very rare postmark for next to nothing!

Affluent people of the Empire, in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries loved to travel, with North Africa and the Middle East being among the most popular Winter destinations. For the specialist, the availability of stamps, postcards, and postal history of this area is still pretty abundant.

For the Austrian post offices in the Turkish Empire and Crete, the following town cancellations are documented in the resources that I have. Town names are shown in the German or local languages: Adrianopel, Alexandrette, Antivari, Bakeu, Alexandrien, Beiruth, Berlad, Botuschan, Burgas, Bucharest, Caifa, Candia, Canea, Cavalla, Constantinopel, Corfu, Czernawoda, Dardanelles, Dede-Agatsch, Dulcigno, Durazzo, Filippopel, Fokschan, Galatz, Gallipoli, Giurgevo, ibraila, Ineboli, Jaffa, Janina, Jassy, Jerusalem, Kerassunde, Kustendje, Lagos, Larnacca, Latakien, Leros, Mersina, Meteline, Piatra, Plojestie, Porto Said, Prevesa, Rettimo, Rhodus, Roman, Rustschuk, Salonich, Samsun, San Giovanni di Medua, Santi Quaranta, Scio-Cesme, Serres, Sinope, Smirne, Sofia, Sulina, Tenedos, Trebisonda, Tultscha, Valona, Varna, Vathy, Volo, and, Widdin.

Gallery of Turkish Empire Postmarks

Here are some postmarks from the Austrian Imperial postal agencies in the Turkish Empire, for your viewing pleasure. Since I use German language resources for classifying my postmarks, the place names used in my specialty pages are in the German or local languages. They shouldn't be terribly difficult to figure out though.

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