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Stamp Collecting Humor

There needs to be more Stamp Collecting Humor in the philatelic world. Collectors have a historical reputation for being kind of "stodgy", but that absolutely isn't true.

I have heard many funny stories over the years, and I love to laugh. Being able to laugh at ourselves, as well as at funny situations, makes us feel a lot better, so I decided to add a section on Humor to this website.

I have a comical writing style sometimes, but I am NOT A COMEDIAN. I will add new content from time to time, but I'm going to need contributions from visitors to make this section really work. If you have a funny story or a funny joke about the stamp collecting hobby, please send me a note through the Contact Form, and then we can arrange for your story or joke to possibly be published in the Humor section of this site. I can only accept original material, not jokes or cartoons that may be copyrighted by their authors.

Stamp Collecting Humor
Visitor Contribution -- 02/27/2014

"Stamp Collecting is the hobby of paying large sums of money for tiny pieces of paper that people have spit on."

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