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Austrian Empire

Issues of 1910-1915

In 1910, the Austrian Empire celebrated the 80th Birthday of Emperor Franz Josef. To commemorate this event a new set of postage stamps was issued on August 18, the Emperor's birthday.

The designs of the 80th Birthday issues are identical to those of the 1908 60th Anniversary issues, except that the stamps are taller, with labels containing 1830 and 1910 at the top and bottom of each stamp.

The 72 Heller denomination, issued in 1913, was not used for the 80th Birthday set.

All of the stamps, except for the 2 Kr., 5 Kr., and 10 Kr. denominations are shown in the images above. A used example of the 5 Kr. denomination is featured at the beginning of this page.

Note: Make sure you store mint OG examples of these stamps, pressed flat, in a firm stockbook or in mounts on an album page. The gum used on these can cause the stamps to curl very badly, if one isn't careful.

With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the Austrian Empire issued their first semi-postal or charity stamps.

The two stamps shown above were issued on October 4, 1914. Each of the stamps was sold at post offices for 2 Heller over face value, with the surtax going to the aid of wartime widows and orphans.

The designs are similar to those of the same denominations of the 1908 60th Anniversary issues, except the stamps are taller, to allow for the addition of a label containing the date, 1914, below the portrait.

The 1915 charity stamps, shown above, were issued on May 1. The surtaxes from the sale of these stamps also went to the fund for wartime widows and orphans.

These five horizontal format stamps feature military themes, as follows:

  • 3 H. + 1 H. - Infantry firing from a trench.
  • 5 H. + 2 H. - Calvary charging.
  • 10 H. + 2 H. - A siege gun.
  • 20 H. + 3 H. - A battleship.
  • 35 H. + 3 H. - A biplane.

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